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6 weeks, 2 arms, 1 inch: Arms Every Damn Day

Well it's halfway through the final week already and I just finished my 2nd arm workout in 2 days. I'm planning on hitting them tomorrow and Friday before taking the weekend off for the NPC Natural Ohio bodybuilding competition on Cleveland, OH I trained at the TigerFitness facility yesterday and talked shop with Marc Lobliner a little bit about us sponsoring The Uprising bodybuilding competition in June in Mason, OH. I did a ton of random arm stuff, mostly various dumbbell and barbell curls and for triceps I stuck to my trust rope pressdown and overhead rope extension superset.  ..  - Read More

6 weeks, 2 arms, 1 inch: Deadlifts and Overtraining

Friday 3/25/16:My split was all over the place this week so I took Thursday off to rest and recover. Today was supposed to be hamstrings but I wanted to train arms as well. I only had one hour (childcare) to throw down so I combined two workouts.   Hamstrings: Deadlifts....13 @ 495; 2 @ 585 These two sets absolutely wrecked me. PR on both sets despite my grip giving out on the first set and plates falling off on the second set.  Biceps: Machine Preacher....6 x 6 @ 100; each rep had a forced negative on the way down Hammer..  - Read More

6 weeks, 2 arms, 1 inch: Wednesday 3/23/16

Wednesday 3/23/16 - I lifted mid day with a good friend of mine and former EliteFTS teammate Joe Schillero. He's taking a break from powerlifting training for a few weeks so we did our best bro impressions and did some pump stuff or back and biceps.  Maddie was crying the entire time in the childcare area so I brought her to the weight room to watch daddy and his friend throw down! haha In general the workout wasn't stellar and I had planned on returning to my normal gym in the evening with Dedra to train triceps and do a little..  - Read More

6 weeks, 2 arms, 1 week: The Final Two Weeks

It's been a month and so far I'm up over 1/2" on my upper arms and 1/4" on my forearms, so while I may or may not reach the actual inch I was hoping for, the process has been eye opening and quite frankly, a TON of fun! My ability to grind through reps and perform well on a higher volume of sets and exercises is increasing. What's my plan for the final 2 weeks? GO HARD AS FUCK!  Monday - 3/21/16 *Cable Curl (regular EZ bar attachment)....5 x 8 @ stack *Rope Pressdown....5 x 20 @ 32.5 Performed as a..  - Read More

6 weeks, 2 arms, 1 inch: 3/19/16 - The Pump is Real

I didn't log much of my workout on Friday because it was, quite frankly, garbage. I was wrecked from deadlifts the day before (hit a PR of 495 for 10 reps!) and everything just didn't feel right. I ended my arm workout.     Friday I finished with some machine triceps extensions, but I did them a little differently than normal to really stretch the triceps.      Saturday - 3/19/16 - The Pump is Real Today I wanted to really destroy my arms but also keep my nervous system and joints in check for the final 2 week stretch..  - Read More

6 weeks, 2 arms, 1 inch: 3/16/16

Today was supposed to be chest and arms but for some reason my right pec was super tight on pretty much everything I tried for chest. I think I need to go easy on the dipping motions for triceps that I've been doing 2-3 times a week and let my pec rest up.   Wednesday - 3/16/16 Chest: Cable Fly....5 x 20 *Very light and controlled, just wanted to flush my pecs with blood and not risk further injury. Today was nothing special otherwise. Not everyday can be awesome unfortunately.    Biceps alternating with Triceps: Biceps - Machine Preacher Curl....10..  - Read More

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