Shipping & Handling:

Any applicable sales tax (varied per state) is calculated at checkout. 
Order Tracking:
Orders are typically fulfilled Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. We strive to ship out orders as soon as possible, but sometimes it may take an extra day or two to ship out an order depending on the day, time, etc. the order was placed.
Once an order is fulfilled by us you will be notified with tracking information courtesy of the designated shipping carrier. Please allow 2-10 business days (depending on package size, shipping location, post-office service, holidays, etc.) from the time your order is fulfilled to receive your order. Once the package is received by the designated postal carrier it is unfortunately out of our control as to how long it takes to arrive to its destination. 
Shipping times may be delayed around weekends and holidays as shipping carriers may see increased traffic and/or decreased staffing during these times.
Missing/Damaged Packages:
Packages are not considered lost until 15 days from date of fulfillment with no postal carrier tracking updates. Packages delayed but in the designated postal carrier system are not considered lost until they deem it so in their system.
Once an item is marked as delivered by the designated shipping carrier it is out of our control if the item is missing or damaged. In the event that this happens you need to contact your local post-office for clarification or to file a missing or damaged package claim. 
In most situations the package was delivered to a parcel box (apartment and condo) or at a door (residential). Sometimes shipping carriers mark packages as delivered a day in advance if late in the day and/or behind schedule. 
Missing packages due to failure to be available for delivery (parcel box too full, relocation before delivery date, etc.) are the responsibility of the customer to contact the shipping carrier to locate and redirect their package, if possible. 
It is imperative that the customer enters in their shipping address and mailbox number correctly and follows the provided tracking number to ensure the parcel is able to be delivered and received. Incorrect shipping addresses, parcel box numbers, etc. will likely result in a missing package and is the responsibility of the customer to contact the shipping carrier to locate and redirect their package, if possible. 
Shipping systems are very sensitive so errors in spelling, capitalization, abbreviations, mailbox numbers, etc. can result in an undelivered or missing parcel that is marked as delivered by the postal carrier. 
In the event that this occurs it is the customer's responsibility to handle return shipping payments or file missing or stolen parcel claims as deemed appropriate by Morphogen Nutrition. 
In the event that a delivery is delayed due to customer error Morphogen Nutrition will not be held liable for the missing parcel nor will a replacement order be sent out before a returned order is received. 
In the event that packages are damaged in transit by the designated postal carrier the customer should file a claim with the postal carrier. Damage caused to the package by the customer (leaving it unattended on a porch, inside a mailbox, a parcel locker, or stored improperly) is the responsibility of the customer and Morphogen Nutrition will not offer a refund due to these circumstances. 
Returns are accepted within 30 days of purchase. Product must be in original, unopened condition, and the buyer is responsible for shipping the product back to Morphogen Nutrition.
In the event that the product is received in stated condition, a full refund will be promptly granted. It is the buyer's responsibility to make sure all order information, including quantity, flavor, type of product, shipping address, etc. are correct. No money back guarantees.
Orders cannot be cancelled or refunded while in transit unless it is marked as lost or damaged by the postal service. 
APO/Military Orders: 
Please check on the correct format for all APO and Military addresses as the shipping carrier systems are sensitive to order format, capitalization, placement of numbers, box numbers, etc. 
International Orders:
International shipping charges vary and will apply at time of purchase. Morphogen Nutrition is not able to adjust or determine international shipping rates. Charges depend on the carrier, size, and weight of the package.
Please allow extra transit time for international orders. Morphogen Nutrition assumes no responsibility for transit time, tracking updates, or lost packages once they are in the possession of an international shipping carrier. Please contact your designated shipping carrier and file claims accordingly.
Morphogen Nutrition assumes no responsibility for conversion rates or customs charges respective of each country.
Morphogen Nutrition assumes no responsibility for international laws pertaining to specific products or ingredients. It is the buyer's responsibility to understand their respective country's laws and restrictions when ordering.
Any orders seized at customs and not returned to Morphogen Nutrition are subject to full billing to the customer per the assumption of responsibility mentioned above. 
In the event that an order is Returned-To-Sender, the buyer is responsible for paying the return S&H and/or customs charges when applicable. 

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