"Why the f*ck can't these companies just put everything you need in one scoop?!"

The words that started it all. 

Frustrated with the supplement industry, we realized it was time for a change. 

Since 2011, MORPHOGEN NUTRITION was born out of an intense desire to bring the most innovative, effective, and results-driven sports nutrition supplements to the market.

Products made with knowledge, honesty, integrity, and no BS.  

MORPHO (change) + GEN (create) = CREATE CHANGE


Morphogen Nutrition HQ in Columbus, OH


  • We specialize in developing scientifically validated and effectively dosed sports nutrition supplements. 
  • We formulate according to research guidelines and rigorously test in-house for effectiveness.


Visiting one of our manufacturing partners



CEO and founder, Ben Hartman, has a B.S. in Exercise Physiology and a M.S. in Nutrition & Dietetics, with a special research emphasis on sports nutrition and supplementation, graduating at the top of his class.

Besides his extensive work in the classroom and the lab, he was also a sponsored fitness athlete for one of the world’s leading sellers of sports nutrition supplements.

He saw first-hand the unscrupulous marketing tactics, ineffective product design, and egregious treatment of the athletes and consumers who use such products that is all too common in the industry.

Alongside his wife Dedra (our CFO), together they have made it a personal mission to bring knowledge, honesty, and integrity to the industry. 




Don’t believe the hype, believe the science.