PRIME: All-in-One Organ Health Born out of Necessity

Ben Hartman as a child with his father

This is my dad around the same age I am now. I was around the same age as my son Zavier. 

And around that time, I lost my grandpa. My dad lost his dad.

Heart disease. 

Family history. 


Shitty blood work.

My dad has always put a lot into his health. He wants to be around for his children. For his grandchildren.

I want my dad. My kids want their Pops. 

Several years back, we discussed his supplementation. I wanted him to use everything he could to maximize his health. The problem was that, for any normal person (i.e. everyone but me), this was an overwhelming task. 

Mix and matching a dozen different products. One of these twice a day. Three of these once a day. Handfuls of pills. 
Why couldn’t any company just make the perfect product for total organ health? 
Why couldn’t they create something to help offset our family history?
Something I could give to my dad, to my brother? Something I could take to mitigate my own risks?
I want to be here for my kids. For my grandkids. 

Then it hit me; If it can be done, then it must be done. I would be the one to do it

PRIME was born out of necessity. Out of selfishness. I want my dad. My kids want their Pops. 

All in one organ health, improved blood work, decreased aging related risk factors? Fuck yes, lets fucking do it. Then it caught on…bodybuilders, fitness enthusiasts, families. I’d like to think we paved the way. I owed it to my grandpa, to help ensure his legacy lives on. 
What will your legacy be, and will you be here to see it?
Don't believe the hype, believe the science.