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PURE CHOICE: Whey Isolate

by MorphogenNutrition
Price $82.00

Morphogen Nutrition has partnered with Pure Choice Whey to bring you a top notch pure whey protein isolate!

Pure Choice Whey protein is whey protein isolate originating in Wisconsin, using zero artificial sweeteners, fillers, or additives. PCW is sweetened with stevia which is an all natural sweetener, never contains more than 3 ingredients and always use cold water microfiltrated whey protein isolate.

- Whey is dehydrated using cold water micro-filtration. It is dehydrated at 80-90
   degrees ensuring the protein is not denatured in any way.

- Uses only whey protein isolate giving it the best nutritional statistics
   and the most reputable digestion process among whey products.

- Artificial additives, filers are NEVER added. Pure Choice Whey is sweetened naturally with Stevia which is plant based.

- Sourced local to Wisconsin.

- Very low lactose level and are gluten free.

- Simple 3 ingredient nutritional profile so you are getting what you pay for.



Original - 71
Cinnasweet - 64
Chocolate - 61
Vanilla - 61

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