6 weeks, 2 arms, 1 inch: 2/26/16....operation poopy diaper

We had a rushed workout tonight because the childcare was only open for an hour by the time I picked Dedra up from work. We decided to try giant sets where we did 4 exercises back-to-back for each body part, both to save time as well as induce a skin splitting pump and some extreme acid build-up. I can't always do heavy progressive loading like I prefer so the former alternatives are good options to cause hypertrophy. 


Halfway through the first set for triceps we got paged over the intercom that Madison was screaming and had a poopy diaper, so we had to interrupt and take care of business!

Once we were done we did a few quick giant sets for delts. One thing with me and shoulder training is I rarely do anything of merit since my shoulders grow at an out of control rate compared to everything else.

People always say my arms look huge in pics, but that's because my delts aren't pumped up. You'll see the pics below for reference. It's no wonder people think I'm on steroids...my shoulders look STUPID big when I do even the slightest bit of volume for them.


My shoulders get pumped like no other and make my arms look small in comparison



Here's how tonight went down:



*Dual Cable Curl....5 x 8-6

*Incline Cable Curl....5 x 8-6

*EZ Curl....5 x 8-6

*Rope Curl....5 x 8




*Band Pressdown....4 x 20

*Rope Pressdown....4 x 20-15

*Overhead Rope Extension....4 x 20-15

*Machine Dips (plate loaded)....4 x 20

*We took a 10 min. break between sets 2 and 3 for the baby so no video and we only did 4 rounds instead of 5


Despite the poop, I am the luckiest dad ever! 




*Band Face Pull....3 x 20-15

*Face Pull....3 x 20-15

*Dual Cable Lateral....3 x 20-12

*Partial DB Lateral....3 x 20-15




Today's supplementation to help with performance and recovery:

 Meal 1



- 1 Multivitamin (generic)

- 6g fish oil

- 10,000IU Vit. D3







KINETICREAM liberally applied to my elbows, upper arms and forearms




- 30g highly branched cyclic dextrin (HBCD)

- 15g Gatorade powder 



- 2 s WHEY ISOLATE (blended with food ingredients like banana and peanut butter)


Before Bed:


- 5g GABA (helps with sleep as I typically sleep very poorly)