6 weeks, 2 arms, 1 inch: 2/24/16

Considering I took all of last week off from the gym, I am still SORE AS FUCK from Monday's workout...oh well. Here's how it went down today. 


Wednesday 2/24/16


*Band Pressdown....3 x 20-15

*Rope Pressdown....3 x 20-15 @ 22.5

*Overhead Rope Extension....3 x 20-15 @ 22.5

*Performed as a tri-set with no rest between exercises.

I don't plan to always do the exact same thing from workout to workout, but I've been dealing with some elbow tendonitis for months and doing the sequence above (before the dips) causes no pain while absolutely tearing up my triceps with blood volume and acid build-up, which is important before I do any heavy compound movements like dips.

Even though these "felt" harder due to my soreness I was able to slightly beat out my performance compared to Monday. My elbows felt fine and the pump and acid build-up from a few rounds of this is unbelievable!



Cable Chest Press....3 x 8

Machine Incline Press (selectorized)....3 x 8

Machine Dips (plate loaded)....20 @ 135, 15 @ 225, 12 @ 315, 10 @ 405, 8 @ 495; drop 315 x 10

*Dips were performed as one big set, taking only enough rest time to add a plate to each side before cranking out more reps. I call these "ladder sets", and I typically reverse direction after hitting my top weight. Today I didn't want to overdo it on both my tight right pec as well as my elbows so I only did 1 drop set to failure. 

*I didn't do a ton of chest work because my chest gets hit pretty hard during any dip motion for triceps. My chest is still sore from Monday just from doing machine dips. These were rough after so much tricep work but arm gains is the name of the game right now. 



*Dual Cable Curl....3 x 12-8 @ 27.5

*Dual Incline Cable Curl....3 x 8-5 @ 27.5

*Performed as a superset with no rest between exercises. Minor improvements compared to Monday. These HURT as in soreness, pump and burn, way more than usual. 

Hammer Curl....8 @ 30, 40, 50, 60

Poundstone Curl....30 @ 45lb bar

*These are named after strongman competitor Derek Poundstone. The idea is to take an unweighted barbell and do as many reps as possible with it before putting the bar down with the goal is driving a ton of blood into the muscle as well as develop an insane tolerance to acid build-up. Throwing these in at the end from time to time will be a nice change of stimulus plus give me a break from typical heavy progressive overload work. 



Barbell Wrist Curl (standing)....3 x 20-15 @ 135



Today's supplementation to help with performance and recovery:

 Meal 1



- 1 Multivitamin (generic)

- 6g fish oil

- 10,000IU Vit. D3


*I added this in because I am brutally sore from earlier in the week, and getting my day started with some anabolic and anti-catabolic aminos and HMB is a smart decision, especially during intense training cycles like this






KINETICREAM liberally applied to my elbows, upper arms and forearms




- 30g highly branched cyclic dextrin (HBCD)

*No I don't think HBCD is a magic carb source like some would have you believe. I had some lying around and decided to burn through it. Unless you're using exogenous insulin and other performance enhancing drugs (of which I'm not... #natty ), you don't need a huge dose of carbs during training.

The only good reason to use a fancy engineered carb source like Vitargo or HBCD would be when the dose is too high to digest properly during training. Anyone can properly digest 15-30g Gatorade powder or dextrose...not anyone can properly digest 100-200g Gatorade powder or dextrose.  

- 15g Gatorade powder 

*I upped my training carbs a little to help with performance and recovery. I'm not 100% convinced it will make a ton of difference but an additional 50-100 calories during training is never a bad idea during a gaining phase. 

Why Gatorade? Because it's cheap and tastes good mixed with SYNTHEGEN, no special reason otherwise. Dextrose powder would work just as well.



- 2 s WHEY ISOLATE (blended with food ingredients like banana and peanut butter)


Before Bed:


- 5g GABA (helps with sleep as I typically sleep very poorly)